Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

My Devils & Angels

Can you see outside of you?
Thunderclap swoop down
And the rain goes down too
Like cats and dogs…

Can you hear the sound it?
Felt so shark inscribing me
Is the angel’s soul voice?
Or just their Librettos 

In this night I am so lonely in my emptiness
Did God getting a load of my scream?
All the tartness fire…
All the saturation dies…
And the thousand expectancies…

Where you’re gone don’t break of me on this dark ways
Let me see your face that full of mystery
In this dirty land you be standing on my side together
Fire and red blood is the devil?  

There some Miss it here, without history and a shadow of doubt
Spread your soft wings that beauty with the rising sun
Send me the angel who justice and justification
The Guardian Angel who save the truth 

by : the sucker in the wrong way